IAPS National Schools’ Triathlon Championships 2017 June 16, 2017 18:12

Dulwich Prep was delighted to host the 3rd IAPS National Prep Schools’ Triathlon on Sunday 11th June 2017. This event is open to all Prep School children from Year 5 and above, and it has grown hugely in popularity every year, with competitors coming from far afield to join the event.

Barfield’s Triathlon training club has been busy working on all the disciplines this year and our pupils have had fun practising their swimming, running and cycling skills in preparation for this event.
In what was a glorious day of sport, our pupils all performed well, giving of their best on behalf of Barfield, but also challenging themselves. Some were reduced to tears in their efforts to get to the finish line after pushing themselves to the limit.
Over 400 pupils took part with 113 children registered to take part in the Year 6 event alone and our best 2 performances came in this age category, with Harrison Blake-Pead coming 7th out of 63 male participants and India Steer finishing 13th out of 50 female participants.
Well done to Ava Rice, Elliot Davies, Haydn Wydenbach, Jack Lewis, Robyn Singleton, Ella Freer, Joshua Furneaux and Lev Davies.
A big thank you to Miss Astor and her partner Major Mark Long who travelled with me in the school minibus to transport some of our team, plus their bikes, to the event. I would like to thank all the parents who were able to come along to support the children and a special thank you to the Blake-Pead family who introduced me to this
amazing sport, which will now play a big part of the extra-curricular programme at Barfield. I’m very proud of you all. Well done.

Ray Taylor      Director of Sport Barfield School


London juniors show off new hoodies March 26, 2016 11:16

LRTS is a special group of the top 50 young triathletes across the London region. The squad meets monthly and there’s tough competition for selection. Members are aged between 11 to 16 with an even split of males and females.
The lucky members were presented with customised hoodies from Tribe Junior at a training session at Herne Hill Velodrome.

Squad member Ben Bison, 11, above, was delighted to receive his hoody. He said:

“I felt very privileged to receive my hoodie and to be part of the London Junior Triathlon squad.

When I have been wearing it lots of people have been asking about the London Tri series."

Tribe Junior is a young company providing triathlon kit for junior triathletes. It’s offering a wide selection of kit from some of the leading brands, including wet suits, tri suits and accessories. 

“We are delighted to continue our support with the London Region Junior Squad.  After meeting the squad at their training session it was clear to see what a dedicated, hard- working and talented squad they have this year. We wish them all huge success for the race season ahead." said Paula Blake-Pead from Tribe Junior.

Gaining a place on the LRTS is fiercely contested and the envy of club members all over London. Selection is made at the end of each season based on performances in the Junior Series. 


Report written by Jim Desmond, London Region Junior Coordinator

Tribe Junior does Hever Castle! October 12, 2015 11:33


Our three generations were out in force, taking part in the Hever Castle Triathlon.

The sun was shining and we enjoyed meeting new friends and old within the triathlon community.

The boys braved the chilly lake and thoroughly enjoyed their race along with 2000 other kids!

Tribe Junior's Leo Riggs writes about his very first triathlon season August 12, 2015 19:13

My  first  Triathlon  season  by  Leo  Riggs  Aged  8  

I  couldn't  wait  until  the  1st  January  2015.  I    could  finally  apply  for  my  
British  Triathlon  race  licence.  When  it  arrived  in  the  post  I  got  straight  on  the  Internet  to  look  for  children's  Tristar  triathlon  events. Mum helped  me  search  events  in  the  south  and  we  came  up  with  a  list  of  aquathlon  and  triathlon  events.  Mum  became  my  booking  secretary  and entered  me into  several  events.  This  gave  me  something  to  work towards.  
I  started  training  with  my  dad.  I  wrote  my  own  timetable  so  he  would  know  what  we  were  doing  each  night.  He  needed  a  bit  of  motivation  on  the  bike  so  I  helped  him  out  a  bit!    A  few  lengths  of  the  pool  one  night,  a  couple  of  laps  around  the  block  another  and  a  few  trips  to  the velodrome.  I  was  race  ready!  
My  first  race  was  a  triathlon  in  Wimborne,  Dorset.  I  was  really nervous but  my  friend  was  doing  it  too  so  it  was  nice  to  see  a  familiar  face.  All  of  the  marshalls  were  really  nice  and  made  sure  we  knew  exactly  what  to  do  and  where  to  go.  I  really  enjoyed  it  and  came  2nd.  
My  next  race  was  an  aquathlon  in  Yeovil  and  a  very  early  start!  I  had all  my  kit  ready  the  night  before  and  checked  it  off  against  my  list.  We  ate  breakfast  on  the  way  and  registered  in  plenty  of  time.  It  was  a  really  well  organised  event  and  the  marshals  were  all  really  friendly  again.  I  had  a  good  swim  but  an  even  better  run  and  came  1st.  I  got  a  really  nice  trophy  which  I  was  really proud  of.    
The  next  event  was  the  Kingfisher  aquathlon  in  South  London.  This  is  where  I  met  the  lovely  people  at  Tribe  junior.  A  whole  stand  of children's  triathlon  clothing  and  accessories.  Mum  said  it  would  have  saved  her  hours  trawling  the  Internet  looking  for  children's  triathlon  wear!  Their  branding  and  logo  was  really  cool  and  after  a  conversation  with  the  company  owners,  Matt  and  Paula,  they  agreed  that  I  could  race  under  their  team  name.  Another  1st    place  at  the  Kingfisher  and  new  team  name.  It  was  an  awesome  day!  
I  choose  to  do  an  aquathlon  for  my  birthday  too.  Chapel  Tri  made  me  feel  really  welcome,  caught  up  with  Tribe  junior  and  came  1st.  Best  birthday  ever!
Lots  more  triathlons  over  the  following  months.  Including  Trinity  and  Shaftesbury.  My  first  lake  swim  was  not  a  good  experience  as  the  water  was  horrible.  I  was  covered  with  weed  and  muck. Unfortunately  this  played  on  my  mind  and  after  a  2  hour  drive  to  Eton  Dorney  kids  supertri  I  very  nearly  dropped  out  at  the  last  minute.  I  was  so  scared,  however,  when  the  whistle  went  I  couldn't  help  but  jump  in.  I  was  so  pleased  I  did.  It  was  an  awesome  race  in  an  amazing  venue.  Saw  some  familiar  faces  too.  It  was  nice  that  I  recognised  and  could  chat  to  a  few  of  the  other  children. A  3rd  place  at  Eton  Dorney  was  a  good  achievement  but  swimming  the  lake  was  a  bigger  one.  
I  kept  practicing  my  transitions  as  this  is  what  had  slowed  me  down  a  little  and  got  out  on  the  bike  a  bit  more.  Another  water  challenge  awaited  me  at  the  Portland  Aquathlon.  An  open  water  sea  swim  and  jelly  fish!  Masses  of  them.  I  was  assured  by  others  that  they  wouldn't  sting  but  I  wasn't  so  sure.  In  the  end  I  went  for  it  and  got  my  fastest  swim  time!  I  was  really  keen  to  get  out  of  the  water! 1st  place  and  sea swim  conquered.  
My  most  recent  triathlon  was  in  Sherborne.  Another  beautiful  venue  and  the  Wessex  wizards  had  it  well  organised.  I  had  my  biggest  transition  disaster  here.  We  had  coloured  bibs  to  put  on  and  I  got  in  a  complete  muddle.  Head  in  arm  hole,  upside  down  and  inside  out.  Got  there  in  the  end  but  had  a  lot  of  chasing  down  to  do.  I  caught  2  places  on  the  cycle  and  passed  1  on  the  run  to  make  me  the  1st  boy.  
I  have  had  a  blast  this  year.  Been  to  lots  of  new  places  and  met  some  really  cool  people.  Looking  forward  to  Hever  Castle  in  September.  I  just  wish  I  had  a  good  local  triathlon  club  to  join.  There  seems  to  be  a  real  shortage,  especially  in  Doset.  I  will  keep  training  with  dad,  although  it won't  be  long  before  he  can't  keep  up!  Thanks  to  all  of  the  people  and  clubs  who  have  put  on  some  awesome  events  this  year.  I  would encourage  any  young  person to give triathlon a go! 

Our next event is...... August 12, 2015 13:35

Bri Tri Kids Triathlon

Saturday 22nd August 2015.

Click on the logo for more information and to enter.

Hope to see you there!


Tribe Junior Sponsors the London Region Triathlon Squad - Article from Triathlon England Website June 17, 2015 13:59

London’s top junior triathletes were treated to a special visitor at one of their recent training sessions.

Former World Champion and current BBC Commentator Annie Emmerson recently attended a London Region Junior Squad (LRTS) training session at Shepperton Lake.

The LRTS is a special group of the top 50 young triathletes across the London region. The squad meets monthly and there’s tough competition for selection. Members are aged between 11 to 16 with an even split of males and females.
Emmerson got fully involved with the training session, observing and encouraging from the sidelines and then led a core stability session. She gave an inspiring talk, telling her story from junior to top-level triathlete, with a few insights into how the World Series has changed since she was racing – notably that there was no drafting back then, so the racing dynamics were different. She took questions from the enthusiastic youngsters before presenting each with a hoody from Tribe Junior, which is supporting the squad this year.
Squad member Ryan Mullen, age 12 was delighted to listen to Annie. “Annie answered questions and told us about her own competitions and it was really interesting to listen to her. We were then were presented with our new hoodies, which look really good and it made me feel very proud to be part of such a great team” he said.
Tribe Junior is a young company providing triathlon kit specifically for junior triathletes. It’s offering a wide selection of kit from some of the leading brands, including wet suits, tri suits and accessories.
“We are really pleased and excited to be involved with the London Region Junior Squad and we congratulate them all in reaching such a high level. We wish them all the best for the coming race season.” Said Matt Blake-Pead from Tribe Junior. 
Gaining a place on the LRTS is fiercely contested and the envy of club members all over London. Selection is made at the end of each season based on performances in the Junior Series. For more information on the London Squad visit the homepage:
Report Written by Jim Desmond

Kingfisher Aquathlon 19th April 2015 April 21, 2015 12:39

Yesterday we had a great morning at Morden Park at the Kingfisher Aquathlon. It was great to see again some familiar faces and also to meet some new ones! Well done to all that competed.


220 Triathlon Show Highlights March 04, 2015 16:45

We had such a fun time at the 220 triathlon show. We were overwhelmed with all the positive comments we received regarding our new venture and loved seeing all the kids have a go at the 'Tribe Junior Turbo Challenge'.


There was some stiff competition as the kids gave it their all in trying to get the fastest time. At the end of the weekend the winners were announced as:

6-8 yrs Daisy

9-10 yrs Felix

11-12 yrs Adam

13-14 yrs Sam

Each winner has won a Team Sky rucksack kindly donated by Frog Bikes and also a Tribe JNR cap.

We made many friends at the show and enjoyed chatting to all the junior clubs that were there. We hope to see you all again soon at an event near you!

1 day to go until the 220 Triathlon show February 26, 2015 21:56

We've had a very busy but exciting day setting up our stand at the 220 Triathlon Show at Sandown Race Course. Within a few hours we went from this....


To this....

We are really excited.............Hope to see you there!

It's official ... we have launched!! February 02, 2015 11:29

Thank you for visiting our new website. We hope you enjoy looking through the triathlon kit we have on offer for junior triathletes.

Keep an eye out for us this triathlon season as we are hoping to be at many of the kids triathlon events being held throughout the UK. We kick off the season with our official launch at the 220 Triathlon Show at Sandown Race Course 27th February - 1st March 2015. We have a stand in the Run section so if you are visiting the show please pop by and meet the Tribe Junior Team.

Be race ready with Tribe Junior as you're never too young to join the tribe!