About Us

Tribe Junior - It's in your DNA....

Tribe Junior is a new family run company. Our love for triathlons is in our DNA, involving three generations! 


We are the Blake-Pead's and have a passion for all things triathlon. It started about 9 years ago when we caught the 'race bug' and now have triathlon race events booked throughout the year that involve the whole family; Kids, Mum, Dad and even Grandma and Grandpa!

Junior triathlon events are increasing in number all over the country and with more triathlon clubs available now specifically for kids our attentions turned to where we could buy our kids their first triathlon kit. We were quite disappointed at the lack of retailers offering children's kit so ...

Boom!! ...Tribe Junior was born!

Our aim is to provide the best triathlon kit on the market specifically aimed at junior triathletes. We are offering a wide selection of kit from some of the leading brands, including wet suits, tri suits and essential accessories for quick transitions!

We hope we can provide parents everything you need to kit out your own junior triathletes. 

Be race ready with Tribe Junior as you're never too young to join the tribe!