Transition Towel


Dolphin Kick Transition Towels

These have to be the most important item besides shoes and a bike! that you need in transition. When you have exited the cold water and you are wondering around in the transition area trying to locate your bike and you spot your brightly coloured transition towel you will realise what a great idea these are.

They can save you valuable seconds may be even minutes in some cases. Once located you can then stand on it to dry your feet while you place your cycle helmet on. Some transition areas can be really stoney and grassy and this will stop you transferring all this into your shoes too!

It is made of a fast drying fabric and compact (74 x 50 cm) and it all packs down into a tiny draw string bag (12 x 9 cm).

The fabric has a 50+ UPF rating, has a antimicrobal treatment developed in Switzerland to maintain funtionality for up to 100 washes and most importantly will dry super fast!

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