Z3R0D Kids uSUIT

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The Z3R0D uSUIT is designed for both boys and girls, to give them the reliability and performance you need over any distance. Constructed from the innovative Power Comfort woven fabric, it is quick-drying and flexible, incorporating many of the cutting-edge features found in the Z3R0D oSUIT and iSUIT.

 The uSUIT has flat seams throughout and smooth stitching around the arms and neck to minimise irritation. The lockable zip at the back is lined for comfort and closes from top to bottom to ensure it can’t be pulled open on the swim. The comfortable tri pad is made of antibacterial microfibre, helping you stay cooler and drier on the bike without obstructing your running, and the two gel pockets at the back are designed for easy access to your nutrition.

Z3R0D tri suits may already be worn by some of the world’s fastest professionals but our target market is clear: all passionate athletes who dedicate time to their sport.

 Materials and technology used in the construction of the Z3R0D uSUIT Kids:

 Power Comfort

  • Power Comfort is woven in a tight circular pattern rather than knitted, so the fabric is durable and provides support to muscles
  • A water-repellent fluoro treatment means Power Comfort fabric dries quickly
  • The micro polyester and spandex composition of the fabric is soft and comfortable to wear

 Tri Pad

  • Lightweight and fast drying
  • Flexible, allowing multi-directional movement
  • Made of soft microfibre with antibacterial properties
  • Provides padding and comfort where needed without obstruction or chafing while running

 Xtra Flat

  • Flatlock stitching is used for all seams and is flatter than traditional overlock stitching, reducing irritation and chafing


  • The zip at the back connects at the top and closes from top to bottom, so it can’t accidentally be pulled down from behind
  • An elasticated cord is attached to the pull tab to make it easy to reach

 Silicone Leg Hem

  • A smooth silicone rubber strip around the inside of the leg provides grip, stopping it from riding up or bunching


  • Framilon® tape is extremely thin, highly durable and is used in the seams around the arms, keeping them flat, comfortable and ensuring they retain their elastic properties

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